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Engaging Content For Your Business Optimize Your Advertising

I specialise in short social media advertisements that are specifically created to add value to your business, whether it is promoting a product or service, telling a story that creates interest in your business, or a video that showcases the experience of visiting your business.

I also create a large range of content for businesses ranging from photos to documentaries.
if your after any form of marketing material don't hesitate to contact me

Each video is created with a specific goal in mind, whether it be obtaining specific types of clients,
selling a specific product/service or a video that showcases your business.

Here are some videos that I have previously created 

Social Media Video Packages

Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.

The Teaser 

This package includes

​Pre Planning Consultation​

  • A 1 hour shoot at a single location.

  • 15-30 second video cropped for social media.  

Great for testing the results of video advertising. 

The Standard 

This package includes

​Pre Planning Consultation

  • A 1.5-3 hour shoot up-to 2 locations (travel costs apply).

  • A 30-60 second video with a Squarcrop version and a Regular 16:9 version

Perfect for getting more information to your audience in an engaging and authentic way.

The Ultimate 

This package includes 

​Pre Planning Consultation

  • A 2-5 hour shoot up-to 4 locations. 

  • 2 videos - short 15-30 social media ad + 1 - 3 minute informational video. 

Ideal for communicating a message to a specified audience using various methods of distribution. 

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